Numerous campaigns have set out to reduce our carbon footprint in the […]

Kinds of Lights Bulbs Are you planning on having your home lighting […]

The usage of energy is truly indispensable. Imagining a day without it […]

Go Green and be Nature-friendly with Solar Street Lights

solar powered lights streetsNumerous campaigns have set out to reduce our carbon footprint in the planet. But campaigns are there to raise awareness. More often than not, all these talk are not enough. We need actions. Not just talks and earth day jams. Sure, beach cleanups help clean up our planet but what about those things that we cannot see or reuse or replenish? Fossil fuels and the like require certain processes that have residue that will haunt us forever. Why not opt for a more organic source of energy?

There are Eco-friendly bags, organic food why not make us of an organic energy source? It’s literally out there and it is so big and bright. It’s called the sun and it’s something we have plenty of. No need to burn fuel and emit carbon to the ozone. It’s already damaged bad enough and the elements found in regular or traditional lights are adding up to the light pollution. Why not reduce these pollutants?

You may have heard of solar street lights. They are those street lights that make use of the sun’s energy to power up the batteries and light up the LED lights on them. You don’t just have to see them on the streets. These are being mass produced now and you now have the liberty of using it for your houses, too.

Here are some ideas on where to use them.

In your back yard, in your garden and practically any outdoor type of lighting you can think of. Imagine saving loads of money on electric bills while making sure your driveway is bright at night. Those punks will probably think twice before snooping around your lawn.

Solar street lights can be used at parking lots in a grocery store or a mall. No more parking lot rapes or kidnapping. No more worrying about someone hiding behind your car or a weird guy standing by your van. You can see them from a mile and you can walk back to have the guard escort you.

Solar street lights for football fields or basketball courts. It takes a lot of lights to make sure the basketball courts are well lit at night and more so with football fields. With solar street lights, you don’t have to worry about installing high poles to mount your lights on. You don’t have to worry about cables getting in the way or snapping for some reason causing live wire dangers like electrocution. They don’t have to be plugged in anything. Solar lights are dependent on their power source. The sun.

Solar street lights by the rivers or the sea. Not many people enjoy hanging around by the rivers, by the lake or by the beaches at night. The reason is because it’s dark and scary and you don’t know what’s in the water because you don’t see anything. Many people fear the unknown and more people fear the unseen. If visibility is possible then there are fewer dangers. No more of those incidents where people throw bodies on a certain river since it’s dark and nobody sees them do that. No more of those kids who decided to take a night swim but drowned because nobody saw them. These worries will go away as the solar lights get rid of those troubles. Maybe more hang out spots will be put up there so you can enjoy the waters even at night. Who knows, a tourist attraction might be born just because of putting up solar lights in those areas.
There are really countless options and ideas on where to use them. As time goes by, more improvements and styles are being made so you really can’t go wrong with them.

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Reduce Energy Consumption with the Use of Solar Street Lights

Kinds of Lights Bulbs

solar powered lights 3Are you planning on having your home lighting or street lights for your street? Well, there are some things that you need to consider and know first before going through the lighting. First, know the different kinds of bulbs that you can use for the lighting you are planning. There are different kinds of bulbs, there is the incandescent, fluorescent, high intensity discharge bulbs, and the LED or Light Emitting Diode bulbs. You should know what you want the light to look like before choosing the bulbs. Furthermore, you should also know the difference among the bulbs.

If you are planning on having a warm yellowish light on the place, then the bulb that you should choose is the incandescent light. Also, these kinds of bulbs are actually cheap so you would not need to spend so much on the lighting. Fluorescent bulb also produces warm light but not yellow but white in color. If you are looking outdoor lights, the usual and most common bulb used is the high intensity discharge bulbs. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that would last for a long time, you should use LED bulbs.

Solar Street Lights

If you are planning on using the bulbs on street light, then the bulb that you should use is the high intensity discharge bulbs or the LED lights. These are very ideal especially when using them outside. In addition, if you want the best street lights, it is better to have solar street lights. You can get many benefits if you use solar powered street lights. Here are some of the benefits you might get:

1. First, you would not have to spend on paying electricity bills if you use solar power because you would not be using electricity as the source of light but instead you would use the rays of the sun. therefore, using this kinds of lights will give you low or not cost at all.

2. Another thing, is that you would have low consumption of electricity in your street. The only places that would use electricity are the houses and the street lights won’t.

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Changing the World with Solar Energy

The usage of energy is truly indispensable. Imagining a day without it can surely bring troubles not only to houses but also to businesses. We all know that companies these days make use of computers that are operated by electricity. So it only means that the productivity of a company will be affected and workers will not be able to do their tasks. So with the continuous demand for electricity, no wonder why the government always assure that there will be enough supply in order to power up electronic devices that are being used by people from day to day.

The Importance of Using Solar Energy

solar street light equipmentElectric bill covers a large portion of people’s monthly expenses. This is why people find it a burden to pay for their bills and sometimes they even fail to make payments. As a result, they will lose electric source until they can pay for their balance. So in order to alleviate the burden of paying such bills, making use of solar energy became popular. As a matter of fact, even the government can benefit from the energy coming from the sun by using solar street lights.

Making use of solar energy doesn’t only help people reduce their monthly bills. This also has great benefits to the environment. Energy is produced in various ways that sometimes endanger Mother Nature. We can only experience the effects when the problem is at its worst. If we can find other ways of generating electricity safely then it would be better not only for our own good but also for the next generation.

Therefore using solar street lights is something that people from all over the world should consider. Besides, there are lots of providers for solar panels that can help you collect the energy that is coming from the sun. It can even be possible for you to make profits out of solar energy.

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